Welcome to Tawe Restaurant

So every time a new customer arrives at Tawe restaurant they are greeted with a personal presentation by their host about juices and the farm I suppose.  This is the place that that whole presentation needs to be spelled out in the most beautiful Thai.  English will not pay it the credit it deserves.

Tawe Farm's Famous Salads

Caesar salad; Tawe Farm’s signature dish was brought back by Na Boy from his extensive world travels. The dog was named in honour of its success with our customers and it’s been copied by numerous local restaurants for good reason.

Stir Fried Babycos made from Tawe Farm babycos, the crispiest and sweetest leaf on the farm. We know because it’s the one the local rabbits prefer.

Italian Sausage Salad made from delicious Italian sausage with spicy Tawe Farm salad.

Spicy Tuna Salad made from Grade-A dolphin friendly Tuna and spicy “yam” style sauce topped with crispy salmon skin.

Ham Salad served with Tawe Farm sesame cream dressing. Kids love this one!

Tuna Salad served with Tawe Farm Japanese style sesame dressing. Great for those looking after their figure!

Bacon Salad served with parmesan cheese and Tawe Farm balsamic dressing made from extra virgin olive oil from Italy. Each mouthful crunches beautifully!

Grilled Shrimp Salad served with Tawe Farm pizza flavoured dressing. Slightly spiced with paprika and oregano, the smell will knock you out!

Noodles and Pasta

Stir Fired Rice Noodles with chaom and shrimp was discovered after Yui experimented with a wild chaom herm she found one morning…a very popular part of the menu now!

Squid Ink Pasta with Dried Chilli, Garlic, Basil and Italian Sausage salinated by squid ink to produce a Mediterranean taste with a bite to it.

Classic Carbonara made strictly to Boy’s specification – spaghetti not too hard and not too soft. Using free range eggs from the Tawe-Farm the pasta serves on your plate a beautiful golden colour.

Shrimp Fusilli permeated by the pesto sauce and served with grilled shrimp to distract you from how delicious the pasta is.

Capelini Aglia Olio bacon dried chilli with garlic and parmesan. The smell of the bacon, olive oil and dried chilli is so delicious that we need to cook 2 portions – one for you and one for the cook.

Capellini Aglia Olio with Tofu is our best selling vegetarian menu combining the bite of olive oil and dried chilli with tofu mixed with delicious black sesame.

Stir Fried Rice Noodles mixed with babycos and tofu is a wholesome mouthful for the hungriest vegetarian.

Foreign Inspired Fusion

Bangers and Mash; a popular recipe brought back by Boy from his brother’s homeland. The sage and onion gravy authenticated by P’ Nigel.

Fish and Chips made from the best filet of fresh sea bass cooked in breadcrumbs served with chips and English style sauces.

Chicken Kiev based on the original Ukranian recipe offers chicken with a  crunchy outside that contrasts with the soft potato mash it’s served with. 

Kale and Cheese Bread are 5 thinly sliced baguettes toasted with a topping of cheese and Tawe Farm kale. Difficult without fingers!

Rice and Omelette

Kale Soup made from kale gown from seeds brought back by Boy from Africa. Kale – otherwise known as “queen of the greens” is a great source of energy while making a delicious soup choice.

Pumpkin Soup made the menu after P’Tan and Alice’s enthusiastic response to the soup that Yui first made them.  Made from Tawe Farm pumpkins, this is one of our surprise favourites. If the kids love it, then we all will…

Shrimp Dipping with Kale Omelette made from Tawe Farm free-range eggs and freshly picked Tawe Farm salad.

Tuna and Shrimp Soup with Kale Omelette. A delicious Thai “Kreng Som” soup made from ingredients exclusively from Tawe Farm.

Ham Fried Rice made from free-range eggs from Tawe-Farm and fresh ham fried the “Tawe” way.

Shrimp Fried Rice made from our local free-range permaculture eggs with the most delicious shrimps. 

Tawe classic drinks

Yellow Power made from cold pressed ginger, pineapple and green apple

Green Peace made from cold pressed kale, pineapple and green apple

Red Beet Active made from cold pressed beetroot, pineapple and green apple

Orange Energy made from cold pressed carrot, pineapple and green apple



Tawe Coffee with Iced 120 Baht

Espresso  80 Baht with Iced 90 Baht

Americano  80 Baht with Iced 90 Baht

Cappuccino  90 Baht with Iced 100 Baht

Cafe Latte  90 Baht with Iced 100 Baht

Mocha  100 Baht with Iced 110 Baht

Thai tea   90 Baht with Iced 95 Baht

Cocoa   90 Baht with Iced 100 Baht

Green tea  90 Baht with Iced 95 Baht

Pink milk with Iced  80 Baht

Honey lemon with Iced   95 Baht

Red soda with Iced   70 Baht

Cold Milk  80 Baht

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Thank you and "Bon Appetite"