Who We Are?

Our Story

Land in the eastern region of Thailand was much like our imagined ‘Wild West’ at the beginning of the 20th century. It was a wild land infested with deadly creepy crawlies, bears and wild cats; the queen of which was the formidable Asian tiger! So it took an extremely rugged character to stake a claim in this new territory? Or someone who struggled to adapt to easier geographies. 

It was into this daunting region that our grandfather rode during early 20th century to begin staking claims very soon having established himself as a significant land owner. Machete wielding ‘Cowboys’ of course followed soon afterwards in this lawless territory proving no more match for Grandad than the heat or wildlife.

Much of his original claim has since been compulsorily reclaimed by the state as part of Khao Yai National Park. Tawe Farm was established by a real man in an unimaginable time but despite government corruption it still remains just outside the park boundary offering some of the best views available from legal, family owned land.

Our Mission

Now in his 60’s, Grandad’s son-in-law has nurtured the farm on his own with only sweat and beer Chang to cool him.  His vision was an escape from our increasingly frantic world.

Our mission at Tawe Farm is to deliver on Dad’s vision while he’s still alive and can witness the fruits of his labour in the sun:

Our Core Values

As a family owned business, our values are likewise rooted deeply in those of a traditional Thai family. Despite 21st century pressures, the Tawe family strive to maintain Grandad’s values, so we can pass a sustainable way of life to the next generation: